Mr Vince Marsh
4Life Head Instructor

After 4 years with 4Life previously, Mr Marsh left and toured all over Europe. Training with the best of the best. Spending months in Vienna Mr Marsh became qualified to teach under Peter Weckauf in axe, Knife defence, single stick, double stick and panantucan...to name a few!

In his his time away from 4Life, Mr Marsh has become a 2 time Hall Of Fame Award winner. Plus, he has taught at the UK Martial Arts show, which is the Grammys of the martial arts world.

Mr Marsh is one of a very select few that can teach Bulldog Nickelstick Eskrima Balintawak Style under Grandmaster Martin Sillitoe and Master Paul Bennett and is the first ever "Reaper" in the Reaper Martial Arts System.

Mr Steve Gallett
4Life Head Of Curriculum

Being part of 4Life for 8 years, Mr G has 4Life running through his veins. Mr G is the go to guy when you need advice and a voice of reason. When Mr Gallett talks, we all listen! Mr G has a wealth of knowledge that everyone in 4Life is blessed to learn from. Apart from that Mr Gallett epitomises every thing Martial Arts represents. Integrity, respect and honour.

Mr G is 4Life. Now overseeing standards, gradings and panel exams. Mr G represents all that 4Life is about.

The 4LIFE Team