Masters Club
Masters Club

Our Masters Club programme has been developed for specific students that have shown the dedication, ability and attitude it takes to become a future Black Belt...

This exciting programme is for an elite group of martial artists that have the desire to expand their knowledge and understanding of martial arts.

Participants of this exclusive programme will be hand pick by our chief instructor and will be personally invited to attend the club. If selected, master club students training will intensify as each student will be given the opportunity to increase their training to unlimited classes each week. They will also receive their own 'Master Club Only' classes in which they will study a much wider variety of martial arts from around the world including 6 separate weapons systems.

Masters Club Content
  • Exclusive Masters Club uniform
  • Weapons curriculum
  • Street self defence
  • Master Club exclusive extra class
  • Unlimited training per week
  • Study martial arts from around the world


Once again the Master Club programme can only be accessed by special invite. You need to demonstrate the correct attitude, determination and willingness to achieve your black belt to even be considered. Take that first positive step today by asking your instructor about 'the master club'!